General Provisions:

Gate Charge and Pass Provisions.

Facility Covid-19 Policy

Pre-Payment to League and/or percentage of Gross Revenues returned to LHSLL.

Tournament Liability Insurance policy (LHSLL as named Additional Insured- LHSLL will forward required limits.)

Medical Emergency plan in place (file with LHSLL).

Signed agreement from host agreeing to meet these Tournament standards.

Playing Facilities:

Dressing room facilities for teams and Officials (separate, controlled access).

Water and ice at the team benches and warm-up area

Field marked to NFHS standards

Score table setup to NFHS standard with shade tent

Communications link between score table and scoreboard operator

PA system and announcer available for presentation of the awards on the field, directly after each championship game

LHSLL BOD gate and field passes

Practice/warm-up facilities with goals

Lights for Field

Ample parking (Reserved parking for game officials and LHSLL Board Members)

Ample seating

Shade Tents for teams (if requested)

Limited Field Access: (Only approved team sideline personnel in compliance with LHSLL rules and policies. No more than one team photographer, designated by each club/A.D and identified to the host at least 72 hours in advance. Otherwise host approved, credentialed photographers.)

Weather Provisions:

All-weather field or a LHSLL Board-Approved Contingency Plan.

Other Facilities:

Meeting area for league BOD

Secure hotel accommodations for teams, officials, and LHSLL Board Members (without son participating in event)

Public restrooms and concessions

Adequate tournament staff (with identification)

Signage (if required for way-finding)

Security and traffic control (if required)

Host representatives to meet and greet teams

Game Format:

Two (2) Semi-Final Games on Saturday, May 15th. And one (1) Championship Game on Sunday, May 16th, 2021. (Times will be set once playoff teams are known. Host will coordinate times to accommodate traveling teams and must have LHSLL BOD approval of times.)


LHSLL Logo to be used on all advertisements, displays, apparel items, programs, and etc. No Logo shall be bigger than the LHSLL Logo where two or more are used.

All materials will require LHSLL approval before printing and publishing.


(Information deadlines must be coordinated with LHSLL Calendar)

Magazine format/ gloss bond

League history and feature story (as appropriate)

Season Wrap Up

Team Pictures with roster (numbers) and coach statement (provided by teams/coordinators)