League Announces Honorable Mention

It’s always tough to narrow down a list of All State players to just a few, and inevitably there are always players who don’t quite make the final selection list.  But that does not mean they were not impactful players for their team, and did not make important contributions in big moments.   Below is the  list of the 2022 LHSLL All State Honorable Mention players.




Attack-Byrd-James Basco

Attack-Caddo Magnet-Barron Dobson

Attack-Caddo Magnet-Crimson Howell

Attack-Captain Shreve-Liam Johns

Attack-Captain Shreve-Gamble Harvill

Attack-Catholic High-Neumann, Max

Attack-Jesuit-Nicholas "Nick" Frischhertz

Attack-Loyola-Christian Smith

Attack-Newman-Max Kukuy

Attack-Renegades-Rush Phipps

Attack-Saint Paul's-Trevor Flood

Attack-STM-Warner Domingue

Midfield-Byrd-Ryan Pearson

Midfield-Byrd-Hunter Thrasher

Midfield-Caddo Magnet-Keaton Bates

Midfield-Catholic High-Dillman, Jack

Midfield-Jesuit-Tyler Autin

Midfield-Newman-Kitt Bachmann

Midfield-Newman-Eli Friend

Midfield-Renegades-Ethan Hewett

Midfield-Renegades-Bo Sessions

Midfield-STM-Keller Mula

Defense-Brother Martin-Bryce Patterson

Defense-Brother Martin-Patrick Delger

Defense-Byrd-Chris Hanson

Defense-Caddo Magnet-Alex Bow

Defense-Captain Sheve-Ryan Willis

Defense-Jesuit-Austin Stuke

Defense-Newman-John Guilliot

Defense-Renegades-Adam Hunter

Defense-Renegades-Tyler Bullard

Defense-STM-Peyton David

Defense-STM-Ayson Hollier

LSM-Byrd-Campbell Gosslee

LSM-Jesuit-Miles Kehoe


LSM-Newman-Patrick Landry

FOGO-Brother Martin-Jackson Ramsay

FOGO-Byrd-Dixon Poirier

FOGO-Renegades-Gavin Ferrington

FOGO-Saint Paul's-Marco Vargas

SSDM-Jesuit-Aidan Couvillon

SSDM-Loyola-Van Van Norman

SSDM-STM-Hunter Eckert

Goalie-BMHS-Kirk Whitfield

Goalie-Byrd-Michael Hamauei

Goalie-Catholic High-Pastorick, Brady

Goalie-Jesuit-Ethan Lago

Goalie-Newman-McCall Englehardt

Goalie-Renegades-Hayden Miller