Preparing for 2023 League Year

Preparing for 2023 League Season

Each season, countless hours are put in by numerous people around the state to make next year the best year.  The 2022 LHSLL season was awesome, but we’re all hoping 2023 is even better.

A few weeks ago, Teams and Executive Board members met in Lafayette to discuss the plans for the 2023 season.  Below is a summary of what we’re all looking forward to next year.

Districts for Postseason Honors

For 2022 and beyond, we’ll subdivide Division 1 into districts for postseason honor post seasons only. 

What does this look like?  In 2021 and 2022, with no districts, the only option for awards was 1st or 2nd Team All State.  Moving forward we will subdivide the state into two separate districts with regards to individual player awards.  Each sub-district will select a 1st and 2nd team.  Players receiving 1st Team All District Awards will be eligible for All-State voting. 

Essentially, this allows more deserving players to receive recognition after a great season. 

Minimum Games

The minimum games required for postseason play (Super 8, Final Four) has been increased from 5 League games to 7 unique League games.  This will ensure we have a more accurate postseason matrix, and allow coaches and players to be more prepared for late season contests.

League Year

The League Year will begin on Friday, February 17th and the Final Four Championship(s) will conclude on Sunday, May 7th.

Executive Board

We have some changes amongst the League leadership ranks.  Below is the Board for the 2023 Season and their Position.  

                                                                           James Dicken:  Commissioner

                                                                           Darren Ball: Division 2 Commissioner 

                                                                           Byrnes Tatford: Coach-at Large

                                                                           Trey Reinhardt: Division 2 Coach-at- Large

                                                                           Mitch Pabst: Non Coach-at Large

                                                                           Zach Favrot: Secretary

                                                                           Keith Schneider Assistant Commissioner

                                                                           Billy LeClair: Assistant Commissioner

Important Notes

While not necessarily changes, below are some important information nuggets to take into the future.

  • Sideline conduct is a point of emphasis for 2023.  Teams can expect officials to enforce sportsmanship.  All parents, players, and coaches should be aware.

  • Transitioning to NCAA rules.  While not happening this year, teams should be aware that there is support for a transition to the NCAA rulebook in the future.  One of the biggest changes would be the addition of the shot clock.  This could happen as early as the 2024 League Year.

  • Expansion.  The League is hopeful to add a few programs for the upcoming year.  The local chapter of USA Lacrosse and youth organizations have done an excellent job growing the game in Louisiana.  We will always look to be a great landing spot for any high school looking to add lacrosse to their spring slate of sports.

  • Division 2 to be self governed.  Darren Ball was chosen as the new Division 2 commissioner and will help oversee growth at that level.  He has been an official and member of the local USA Lacrosse chapter for years and we’re very excited to have him in the fold.